Work issues

Having difficulty maintaining your working life? Feeling pressure from the boss or your peers? Not functioning to the best of your ability? Do you have a Workers’ Compensation claim relating to a psychological issue? David can help.

Relationship and family problems

Is your relationship troubling you? Are you considering divorce or have got divorced? Do you want to find ways to regain the relationship you once had? Is your family becoming difficult to cope with? David can help you and your partner, individually or as a couple.

Depression and the world in general

Does the world seem overwhelming? Are you struggling with just getting up and getting out of the house? Are you wondering where you’re going in life? Feeling depressed? David can help you regain your motivation and direction.

Troubling past experiences

Are you affected by traumatic experiences from your past? Things that just won’t leave you alone? Events that keep filling your mind? David can help you work through these things and move on.

Drugs, alcohol and medication problems

Is your life dominated by addiction or the side-effects of medication? Are you self-medicating with drugs and alcohol? Are you struggling to get off anti-depressants or other prescribed medication? David can explain how these substances work and help you regain control of your body and your mind.

Family, school and adolescent issues

Is your child struggling? Problems at school? Do they have disciplinary or other problems? Does it feel like your family is falling apart at the seams? David can work out what’s behind these issues and show you ways to fix the problems.

Damaging behaviour

Are you doing things that are harmful to yourself or others? Are you angry with yourself or other people but aren’t sure why? David can help you see the reasons why you’re feeling this way, and show you how to move your sense of self to a better place.