Each individual is different

David truly looks at each individual. He takes the time to get to know you and understand your issues.

Finding solutions together

When he’s listened to you, he looks for a joint solution, a way the two of you can work together to help you move on, to make the necessary changes to improve and maximise your quality of life.

A caring approach

David takes a close personal interest in his patients, many of whom are still in contact with him years after he’s successfully treated them. He actually cares about the people who come to see him.

Knowledge and experience

David is an extremely knowledgeable man. He understands the various medications that GPs and psychiatrists prescribe. He knows how they work, their side-effects and how long it takes for their effects to begin and to wear off when you stop taking them. Everyone’s different and these things effect everyone differently.

David helps you find the way

David is focussed on finding the way forward for you, identifying what you need to do so you can take control of your own life and move on. David works with you and helps you find the way.